The unthinkable has finally happened. Sethisto, world-renowned Trixiefag has as-of tonight, divorced his waifu. At approximately 7pm EST, the head of Equestria Daily, who has been faithful to blue bitch horse The Great and Powerful Trixie, announced that he was done with her. Is there a new pony in the insomniac’s life?

The announcement came as a shock to those closest to him, who questioned whether he was sure in his decision to mentally unmarry the cartoon horse.  ”I think I’ve moved on from Trixie sadly” Seth said. “We have gone our separate ways.”

The fact that Seth’s decision to dump Trixie on BronyCon weekend, following the release of an Equestria Girls clip featuring her as a human, has lead many to believe Seth has a new hobby horse that he may have been seeing on the side for quite some time.


Who is this mystery mare? Sources confirm they have seen glimpses of a Blonde-maned Blue-eyed pony fleeing Seth’s browser screen in the wee hours of the morning on several occasions, but could not catch a strong look at her. Seth denies allegations that he has been unfaithful or of any such pony existing. He was quoted as saying “Ich würde nie betrügen mein Pferd Frau!!!” gesturing strongly with his right hand.

It is not clear at this time how The Great and Powerful is handling the breakup, after a relationship of nearly 5 years, but it is clear that the ponyverse powercouple is kaput.  Horse News was not able to get an official statement from Trixie, because she’s a fucking cartoon.

At press time it was confirmed that the couple was going to have joint-custody of the tulpas, and that they had already divided the pony-music and clop collection.

Tidbits: Pre-Bronycon Edition
We’ve got sexiness, spaghetti,  and stupidity, everything the Summer needs.
Lets get to it.

This came in from the submit box from a user named iBanana. Apparently Buzzfeed has a quiz that has been making the rounds for a couple months, the topic “What Kind of Animal Are You In Bed?”. Out of 24310ish possible combinations (as if we passed math) there is ONE set of answer that yields THIS as a sexual animal.

In order to yield “pegasus” as a sexual appetite, you must use the following answers
1) Messy
2) Doing Favors
3) Brunch
4) Cop
5) They’re OK
6) Whatever
7) Ryan Gosling
8) Mostly Arms
9) Sorry but also not sorry

So that’s something.

A Twitter account called “every word in my ass” gave a bunch of horsefuckers new braeburn clopfic fuel.

The Panda Rings hit a new level, with the announcement of an OFFICIAL Hasbro “DJ-PON3” EDM remix album. Seriously. This is likely going to trigger a whole new series of C&D’s as Hasbro will now be directly competing with horse musicians, even the wub wub kinds.

Then this happened.

Here is a mystery image that we expect you to solve. You have until Monday.

Some California fans are advertising a bonfire cookout party and likening it in-title to famed drug-crazed party “Burning Man”.
We would be all for this. Hell we would send alcoholics reporters to such a thing.
We would even tell you where and when it IS. 

But then we read this: 


The Equestria Girls Edit Threads have been given new life by the release of the new clip. Extra points for the first one to link the above photo to Seth.

The waifu wars continue.

SaberSpark was visited by God himself. He used this once in a lifetime opportunity only to ask the creator of all things who best pony was, what he thought of the new haircut and take a selfie. Sources confirm that God is in fact a FlutterFag and has shit taste in waifus.

Provided here: A far more useful BronyCon Autism badge.

Holy Shit Really Man?

This Guy Happened.

Give it a second.

Made By CapperGeneral

Some attentionwhore made an art. He is really proud of it and wants to share it with you.

And finally: Convention Coverage - Horse News will be on the scene at BronyCon AND Galacon. Be sure to find them and give them all your juicy news bits.

Before the MLP newsiverse gets bogged down in Bronycon/Galacon shit, we have a few bits of news to get out. Firstly, we’ve received a press release regarding Bronies For Good’s latest charity effort. “Seeds of Kindness 4: The Shine Together Charity Album”
They’re looking for musicians for their 5th album installment.
Do you want to give Rainbow Dash your seed help Seeds of Kindness?
You can check out the press release below.

Calling all musicians! Bronies for Good is organizing its fifth charity album, Shine Together, and we will be accepting submissions all summer long.

Thanks to the tremendous work of the music community, the ongoing Seeds of Kindness 3 fundraiser together with the two previous ones have raised over $100,000 from online donations alone, supporting various Your Siblings and Engineers Without Borders projects in Uganda, Burundi, and Tanzania. We incorporated a few suggestions and rule changes to make this work even better for the musicians, and we would like to ask for your help to support the outstanding work of the Against Malaria Foundation!
Soft deadline: November 22nd, 2014
Hard deadline: December 10th, 2014
Release date: December 20th, 2014
Charity status. There is no middle man. All the money donated will go directly to the Against Malaria Foundation and will only be used to purchase insecticide-treated nets. Donations will be tax-deductible in the US, Canada, and most of Western Europe. Each donation will be publicly allocated to a specific program and extensive tracking, predistribution, and postdistribution reports will be published online.
What changed. This album will operate on a pay-what-you-want basis and a free download for the album will be provided, so you may release your song as soon as the album is out. For the sake of musicians who submit their songs early, there is a set release date this time around. It does mean that we will get less breathing room to give feedback and help entries that are close to making the cut, so we recommend that you submit before the “soft deadline” to make that still possible.
What you can submit.
  1. It does not have to be pony: Pony and nonpony songs are equally welcome.
  2. Remixing and sampling: No copyrighted material can be used, and we cannot accept entries that remix, sample, or cover the show either (sorry, we really can’t). Submitting a remix requires the composers’ permission. Collabs are encouraged!
  3. Theme: There is no specific theme or genre restriction besides common sense. Don’t make anything angry, creepy, or overly depressing (but sad is fine) and your song should have no problem fitting in.
  4. Length: There is no set length restriction, and most importantly, short songs are just as welcome as longer pieces are. Don’t stretch your song solely to fit a given length – this was perhaps the most common issue with entries for the previous albums.
  5. Number of entries: You can submit as many songs as you want (within reason). Two songs from the same artist can get in without any problem, but over that number (not counting collabs), we might only take the best two of them.
How to submit. Please send an email to, with the subject “[ST]” followed by your username, and include the following:
  1. An MP3 file without the artist’s name in its title or metadata, hosted on a service that offers streaming (preferably Mediafire or Please make sure to take the sharing link rather than copy-pasting from your URL bar. You may check your link by accessing it while logged out, e.g., using private browsing.
  2. A lossless file (preferably FLAC or AIFF) uploaded on a third-party hosting service, not sent as an attachment. We tend to see a lot of Dropbox links dying when we need them, so please be careful.
  3. Your preferred artist name and a link for credit (YouTube channel, Soundcloud, etc.).
  4. Lyrics, if applicable.
You can upload your song on YouTube when the album is released, but please do not make your song public until then. However, feel free to upload previews or ask for feedback!
About on the charity. Malaria affects over 200 million people and kills between 600,000 to over a million each year. As its vector species bite at night, the disease can be easily prevented by the use of cheap, long-lasting insecticidal nets. Indeed, as little as $3 allows the purchase of a net that will protect two people on average for three to four years, and the efficiency of these interventions has been thoroughly proven. The Against Malaria Foundation stands out in particular because of their strong track record and commitment to efficiency, program monitoring, and transparency. Right now they are running a distribution of 676,000 bed nets in the Democratic Republic of Congo that will protect about 1.2 million people from the disease.
If you have any questions, you can email us at or ask in the My Little Remix thread.

Anonymous asked:

So... they're not Changelings, but they're connected to Equestria... and can sing songs that hypnotize you. Sounds like sirens. What's the Equestrian version of si- SHOO BE DOO SHOO SHOO BE DOO, SEAPONIES IN RAINBOW ROCKS...




Fury Belle #53 - Ciscord!
Euphoric as can be
Denying that the Bible
Is a book that you should read

Whatever did we do
To make you take our world away?

Watching anime
Going down to comic-con and stalking young V.A’s

We won’t take it anymore
So take your neckbeard far away!

Props to the mysterious Anon who coined ‘Ciscord’ as a character name. That gave me a good laugh when I read my emails this morning.

- Fury Mod

Remix when

Tell em’ Clint
As if the binge drinking, infamous nature of "unique" fans, and color coded autism badges weren’t bad enough, you can now chalk up another disturbing fact for the good people at BronyCon. It seems the event is now officially recognized as a premiere Furry Convention. Somehow the fandom has found an even deeper hole to dig itself in and it’s getting pretty dark down here.

911 hours in MS paint

It seems fandom conventions just can’t catch a break, and the biggest of them all is no exception. After coming off a delicious bit of drama based on their autism badge decision, an online convention directory is now stirring some more interest with it’s classification of BronyCon 2014. Listed along side names such as the Furry Migration in Minneapolis or Fangcon in Knoxville, has officially placed BronyCon in the category of Furry Conventions

It seems the long running debate on the internet’s asshole of a site is completely true now, Bronies are nothing but over glorified furries. But is it really a surprise? At all? I mean just look at some of this people.

Bronies = very specific Furries. Get over yourselves and just accept it. After all, isn’t furry friendship magic?

I’m going to keep using this gif over and over again and there’s not a damn thing your disgusting yiff asses or the Horse News staff can do about it. Deal with it, furfags…Short article, right?