Last week we were sent an email from an “Alexandra Agostinelli” seeking participation in a survey for “An Ethnographic Analysis on Government Participation and Perception among Bronies”.
We figure it would be best for him to get the largest sample group possible, and in no way encourage you to make his data skew towards the conclusion that “Bronies are Communists”.

The message is below.

Hi! I am currently working on an ethnographic analysis on government participation and perception among Bronies.

This is for a college project that I have received a grant to work on and is a survey directed for people 18+ who have lived in the US.

I got your url from a business card I received at Bronycon, and I was hoping that you could take, and possibly share this survey.

Response will be confidential, and I do not collect any identifying information such as your name or email address. Your IP address may be collected only to ensure the data is not skewed by repeated entries, and will be deleted once coded. All responses will be complied together and analyzed as a group. In addition, all data will be stored in a password protected electronic format. The results of this study will be used for scholarly purposes only and may be shared with BronyCon and HerdCensus representatives. All data will be retained for at least three years in compliance with federal regulations.

I have received approval from two institutional review boards (the extra one was so I could share the survey in another college without complications). I have also completed three ethical training programs provided by the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative: Human Research, Social and Behavioral Responsible Conduct of Research, and the Conflict of Interest Mini-Course. I have only received approval to have adults take the survey and have their information count. The goal is to see if the show has influenced its antagonism towards the conventional political system, and their civic engagement.

The url is

Thank you for your time, and if you have any questions please feel free to message me!

For those of you who have been paying any attention, Horse-News is on a Con-Coverage spree. With 7 weeks of cons back to back, it’s going to be one hell of a Fall. Now before we flood your eyeholes with Nightmare Nights goodness this weekend, we have an announcement about an upcoming con in Boston that you probably have heard us mention before - DrawnCon Season 2.

They finally got us a press-release thingy for you to know what they’re about, and why we’re using them as an excuse to get obliterated in Boston this November.

Check it out below, and if you’re a New Englander, be sure to come join in out shenanigans next month.

Current plans involve all Irish pubs in a 3-mile radius, and harrassing Marky Mark Wahlberg at his burger joint.

Have you heard of DrawnCon yet? It’s this fantastic convention for western animation happening this year in Westford, MA! This November 15-16, come to DrawnCon: Season 2 at the Westford Regency for awesome panels and events, including the costume contest, DrawnConcert, and more! Still not convinced? Take a look at the great guests we’ve got coming!

First, we’ve got Signal Crash coming back! Signal Crash is a group specializing in cartoons, comics, video games, and more. The co-creators, Bryan Nieman and Noah Scammon, have an awesome live show bringing you the latest news from the entertainment industry as well as insider info, reviews, and personal stories. Check out for all kinds of entertainment such as comics, cartoons, and live action sketches. We had a great time with Signal Crash last year, and we’re looking forward to their return!

We’ve also got some great musicians coming for the DrawnConcert: Adam Warrock, Gene Shinozaki, and GoYama!

Adam Warrock is a talented musician specializing in pop culture and nerd inspired indie hip hop. He’s been featured on, The Guardian, New York Times, and BBC America, to name a few. If you haven’t seen him on tour, don’t miss your chance to see him at DrawnCon: Season 2!

Go Yama is a guitarist and producer who has found success around the world. He has had releases with labels such as Darker than Wax, Paxico, and Collective Resonance. He recently completed a tour in Japan, but is now coming to perform at this year’s DrawnConcert!

Gene Shinozaki is a talented musician, performer, and beatboxer. He is a local star residing in Boston, but he’s found success throughout New England with his band DC Wonder, as well as national success performing on So You Think You Can Dance. You can catch his performances on the street or exclusively at DrawnCon: Season 2!

Finally, we’d like to announce our voice actor VIPs: Jennifer Hale and Dante Basco!

Jennifer Hale is an accomplished voice actress with roles in over 200 movies, TV shows, and video games. You may know her from Regular Show, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Totally Spies, The Powerpuff Girls, and Mass Effect, just to name a few! 

She has over two decades of voice acting experience, and will be at DrawnCon to share that experience and meet her fans. Come see her at a panel, or have the chance to meet her personally for an autograph!

Dante is a successful voice actor with over two decades of acting experience. You know him as Prince Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender, and you may recognize his voice as Jake Long in American Dragon: Jake Long, Tuck in Generator Rex, Scorpion in Ultimate Spider-Man, and many more. He is a pioneering figure in Asian American cinema, from his start as Rufio in Hook to starring opposite Antonio Banderas in Take The Lead.

Beyond acting, Dante is an accomplished breakdancer, spoken word poet, writer, and producer. He is one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood as well as an Asian American icon. Learn about his experiences at exclusive panels and events only at DrawnCon: Season 2!

You can only see all these amazing people at DrawnCon: Season 2, so make sure to buy your tickets!

We’ve got a few more updates from aspiring game developer HeroOfTime1000, so head on after the break if you’re at all interested.

That about sums it up, doesn’t it
A little while ago, we conducted an interview talking about HeroOfTime, and what he does. You can find that here.

If you’re not quite sure who HeroOfTime is, he’s a game developer who dabbles in the pixelated pony arts. His first major game, The Underworld’s Cello, is a game centered around Octavia, who, led astray through the woods looking for a party, finds herself in a haunted mansion trying to find her Wub-Loving friend Vinyl.

His intended release date for the game was for the 31st of this month, but due to the game’s complexity, he is unable to achieve that goal. However, he is very appreciative of all the help he’s receiving, because believe it or not this is not a small production.

That one Vinyl voice actor that doesn’t suck? She’s in this. There are also a great deal of other people who will be contributing their voice to this behemoth of a project.

So what does this mean to you? Well, you might actually be getting some quality pone-vidya in the very near future.

On a related note, all those helping HeroOfTime1000 on this project have now been placed under the group name Best Ending Games, and hopes to use that title to release other indie non-pone games in the future.

Back to the game, there will be an extended demo released on Halloween for anyone who wants to see, and this Friday at 7:30 AM Central Standard Time there will be a livestream to show off the game so far.

Keep your eyes out for updates on the game, and other developments in the newly formed Best Ending Games.

Tumblr user sparklefarts today revealed that all of her political beliefs can adequately be summed up with simplistic drawings of cartoon horses.

"Whenever I have an opinion on a political issue, I always pick up my Wacom and quickly sketch a pony saying what I believe. I think it really helps since I am literally incapable of expressing myself in any other way."

Sparklefarts managed to cover a variety of topics using characters from from the show, ranging from feminism and racism to ISIS and economics.

"It’s just like, whenever I say something it just sounds so stupid in my mind. But suddenly I make Celestia say it and everything makes sense," sparklefarts said, finishing up a banner that said in script "DECONSTRUCT THE PATRIARCHAL SYSTEM" below a portrait of a stylized Berry Punch.

"Honestly, my political beliefs are so poorly researched and fly-by-night that I need any form of popular culture to sugarcoat them in order to make them at all acceptable. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to work Gilda into this somehow."

At the time of writing, Sparklefart’s most popular post, a portrait of Rarity with the caption “SUPPORT PUTIN IN UKRAINE” currently has over fifteen thousand reblogs and is for sale in the form of stickers and t-shirts on her Redbubble.

Okay try to stay with us on this one. Later today a video is going to surface featuring the cartoon characters you see above. But those are not ponies…technically. They are Alpacas. And they are going to teach you a lesson about Economics.

Don’t believe it? Well follow me.

These videos come from a new Youtube channel called “WeTheEconomy" which is a video series that aims to explain economic principles and concerns with entertaining shorts. Among them is "The Unbelievably Sweet Alpacas", an admitted parody of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

What’s more fascinating, is that according to creator Adam McKay, the ponies Alpacas are voiced by Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Billy Eichner, Sarah Silverman. Holy shit.

The whole story is over here, while we wait for more footage of these Alpacas.
Dibs on the yellow one.

We’re expecting the full video to pop up on youtube within the next few hours, but the full video is here:

Have you ever said something that was taken so out of context that it ended badly for all parties involved? Well everyone’s newest waifu feels your pain.

More after the break!

It started with this simple post by a drawfag named… Drawfag.

What happened afterwards is a trip through the kitchen of the ‘ole spaghetti factory’.








Even an anon tried to help the embattled Sunset Waifu Shimmer, which also ended in tears

With that, Drawfag called it a night, but not before receiving unanimous praise for the thread and art.

If you want to see more from this artist, he has a >tumblr so you can keep up with his hella rad art.