In just a few short weeks, the 4chan Cup returns with its thirteenth edition, jam-packed with hype teams and amazing potential Group Stage matches. Following The Summer of The Fallen, /a/, /b/, /k/, /mlp/, /sp/, /trv/, /v/, and /wg/ are all in the same cup, ready to give fiery competition to their Babby and Fetus-tier brothers. The road to the Autumn Cup has been fraught with twists and turns, new faces and homecoming giants, read on below.

Forty-four potential teams stand at the gates of the Cup, prepared to fight for promotion and a lower-tier of 3rd place trophy alike. The kicker this time around was supposed to be the new commissioner, longtime /a/ manager and blender modeler Gainare Tottori, and we were supposed to enter a new age of Beberterator, but real life caught up with the 3D-artist, and DrBorisG has returned as Interim Commissioner for this one last cup filled with Horse Pussy and /y/ crashing games with no survivors.

Here’s where things get interesting; this Cup may not have an even number of entrants. Yes, four new boards are here to play, some longer than others, and all but one have had their mettle tested in minor streams and test cups alike.
/biz/ - Business & Finance, /i/ - Oekaki, /t/ - Torrents, and /w/ - Anime/Wallpapers join the 4CC to make the competition a massive 60-team organization. /biz/, managed by one QinTheWise, has received the most attention due to its unique subject material and test formations for the past months. Everything from Star Destroyers to two medal defenders (and only two medal defenders) has been seen from this team, including a back-and-forth blowout duo of matches against /cgl/. /t/ and /w/ have also been tested in their early stages, with the more promising bet being on /t/. (Have you seen their blenders? Stuff of nightmares) Sadly, this tournament must maintain a structure of equality, so if all current teams in the 4CC sign up to play, only /biz/ will be able to compete. As the ABC signups continue, and certain managers looking particularly MIA, the likeliness of the other 6th Founding teams making it are looking tighter and tighter.

Only oldfags remember
With DrBorisG’s return, as has his no-nonsense policy towards “dead” teams and rigging. A direct product of Dragongate, Boris has a staunch disposition to quell any rigging that may pass under his rule, but was unable to do much about the Foojile-Rowan fiasco running rampant in the 2014 Spring Babby Cup, where /fa/ and /pol/ advanced to the finals after rumors that the two were friends in real life, and potentially even the same person, or simply KHS Rowan commencing a Reich on his own team. Not wanting to deal with any shit this time around, Boris has not only banned Foojile, but deemed /fa/ unfit to participate in the 2014 ABC.

He has stated on the matter that there is far too much risk with letting someone manage the team that he cannot be sure isn’t a part of a “KHS circle”, a term used for a group of managers in the official 4CC and invitational VG League team /pdg/ - Payday General affiliated with the /pol/ manager’s assumed Steam clan. The fate befallen /fa/ has also stretched to /cgl/ and their potential manager, another member of KHS, and /3/ manager R3APER has had his ABC suspension upgraded to a full-fledged banning after further KHS suspicion. Orange and Black, manager of /ic/, has also been met with rejection for cup re-entry, though his status in /pdg/ management has been looking far more promising.
The Prodigal Son Returns

Another issue that has been pressed since the end of Summer; Twitch’s new “muting” policy. The cup has assured since that archivers will record matches live, keeping the replays available for archive viewings. Though many tests have been done since Summer on various streamers’ Hitbox accounts, the cup will remain at

With so many teams’ talent in question since the end of the Summer Cup, many viewers are left in the dark on which teams, other than their own home team, to root for and shamelessly bandwagon. Horse News has gone over the numbers, and from each pot, here are the teams to look out for in the 2014 Autumn Babby Cup.

Pot 1: /k/ - Weapons
The 2014 Spring Babby Cup saw the Rebirth of /k/, the second Champion of the 4CC ever. Manager Miles Paratus and his team have been hard at work since, polishing their pieces and training innawoods only to go out of the Summer Cup on the first ever “Knockout Qualifier” in 4CC history against /ic/. A team newspaper, “The Kravda”, and team scarves have gone into circulation, and if the new goalhorn is anything to suggest, Zergface and friends will truly be the Panzer Elite come Autumn.

Pot 2: /a/ - Anime/Manga
After a loss of management following Summer, things looked bleak for /a/. lack of relevance choking on Erwin Smith’s arm during Cup Matches, /a/ is looking as one of the more promising “Big Teams” to return to center stage come Winter, especially with old manager Firo looking on to give sage advice to the new guys.
Luckily, drawfag Baito and VG League manager Billybob of Animal Crossing General took the plunge to manage the original champions. Billybob’s repertoire consists of a Top 8 finish in the
second VG League, and a Silver Medal finishing in the premiere VGL. Though his partner is untested, and there are rumors about of Bert being sacked due to

Pot 3: /y/ - Yaoi
It’s the same shit every time. “/y/ crashes games”, “>gold defender”, “what the fuck is this formation”, every chance /y/ has had to screw with the 4CC it has taken in full-stride, often alongside fellow homo-weeb team /cm/. Their second to none manager SDA has spent more time in PES than most other people, tinkering hard at how to make a Gold Defender work, and if the recent invitational from Ved is any indication, he’s done just that. With the invitational’s Golden Boot in tow, Yaranaika could be the bane of any team that’s unfortunate enough to try and go super-offensive against his boys. This is a shut-the-book case, expect to see the Yaoi boys in Winter this year (I swear SDA if I eat my words on this one).

Pot 4: /r9k/ - Robot 9000
The 2nd-place finisher from Ved’s Cup has proven that you don’t need strikers to score, win, and take a silver medal (though you may need them to find a gf). A new tester, Shuckle, joins El Negrito in thecrusade to repeat Autumn 2012’s performance, which landed the nil-nil-friendly team a Babby silver medal (despite getting demolished by Cunt Destroyer in the final). Though Pot 4 is filled with throwaway teams and other promising competitors simply down on their luck in recent endeavors, /r9k/ is looking just strong enough in 1.04 with its midfield-based tactics and literally zero strikers to make a name for itself once again. Manager El Negrito has recently announced, sweating after seeing an effeminate male, “/r9k/ plans to revolutionize the Babby cup with exciting cup play”.

Pot 5: /vr/ - Retro Games
/vr/ started its 4CC career one year ago, in this exact cup. They were considered in the upper echelon of the newer teams alongside /lgbt/, [s4s], and /gd/ when they were promoted to the 2014 Winter Cup, but since then have done little to build on their early RIPPING and TEARING. Another new manager enters the fray in charge of the retro crowd; Polybius has been hard at work creating new tactics and blenders for his team. Their recent 4th-place finish in Ved’s Invitational shows some promise from the squad, but it’ll be a long haul for >filters and Doomguy if they want to see another Elite Cup.

And finally, some words from 4CCC higher-up and ex-/mu/ manager, Snorlax (though there are some who call him Tim):

Bold: Horse News
Standard: Snorlax/Tim

Will we see a more exciting endeavor this season over last season?
This entire week has been internal testing for new stat changes for 1.04 which should ensure a much better cup than summer was while also preventing teams from retreading Winter and Spring tactics. Autumn has always kind of been that final season of each PES version where everyone knows everything. We’re trying to prevent that.

We’re also ensuring the cup will be much more fun this time around! Not only are regular casters being switched around, but there’s a good chance we’ll have days with an entirely different commish than Boris!

What all this really means is that this is absolutely going to be the community’s cup. We’ve got the big teams, the fan favourite patch with tweaks to make it better, and a fresher lineup of folks to make everything run well. It’s pretty safe to get hyp.

The True Elite
How do you think the new four teams will be integrated into the competition?
First! The new managers are all wonderful people who’ve helped reignite everyone’s passion for the cup. All these new teams will be placed in Pot 5 of the Megababby and will play their way up to a title. Despite these teams being so small, their managers have worked just as hard as anyone and hopefully will have everyone’s support.

What has your reaction been to /mu/ winning a cup?
Winning a cup is absolutely surreal. The win didn’t sink in for any of our staff until weeks later when it suddenly hit us that, holy shit we actually won. Feedback, Headbuddy, and Sam (THE /mu/ CREW) deserve all the credit for sure. It is worth noting that Snorlax’s term as /mu/ manager included a heartbreak loss to /wg/ (a team they will never beat) in the 2013 Summer Cup Finals.

Any final comments?
Transparency has been absolutely paramount to 4CCC in these past few weeks and months. The community learned about big events like Tottori’s exit just barely after we did. If we know something, you should know it too. So! If you’ve got questions/comments/concerns or just want to tell us who’s really the best pone, you can direct it all @ SnorlaxSquad on Skype,, or hit up IRC. We’re always looking for new managers, so if you want to give it a try just let us know. Thanks!

Sixty teams now habit the 4CC, and this upcoming Babby Cup will pit the old flame, fallen elites, and absolute garbage against eachother in a massive four-week tournament.

As always, the cup can be found at

Dates set:
Group Stage Draw - October 5th
Export Deadline - October 10th
Export Save Fix Deadline - October 15th
Group Stage - October 17th - 19th, 24th - 26th, 31st; November 1st & 2nd
Knockout Stage - November 7th-9th
Awesome art taken from courtesy of  kilala97
As if two massive shit storms following the leaking of a surprisingly decent Equestria Girls sequel and dismissal of a SJW comic writer, it seems the September/October drama season is still rolling, but with super powers. As we’ve scene from the IDW series of comics, and even an actual episode parodying comic book tropes, the My Little Pony franchise has a thing for comic books and superheroes. Hell, series creator Lauren “Mama” Faust created an official DC property herself with Super Best Friends. So should it surprise any of you that, coming this Thursday, the pony world will be joining the DC universe?

…okay maybe it should.

Teen Titans, a DC brand consisting of a bunch of throw away characters and Batman’s boy sex slave, has seen incredible popularity since its reboot in 1980 and even more with the beloved and critically acclaimed 2003 cartoon series. However, recent attempts by Cartoon Network to fuck up every property they own saw a reboot to the great series with Teen Titans Go!, developed by two guys who never even saw the original series or comics. 

Now in both shows, our very own Brony Queen Tara Strong voices the Hot Topic mascot Raven. Considering the creators and new staff clearly lack originality or sense of comedy, they sought out to do what any desperate show staff does: Pander their asses off to the public. How did they do it? Well their most obvious joke and recurring joke is making the dark, brooding character voiced by Mary Sue Twilight Sparkle a pegasister. Seriously.

U did wut m8
While the pony obsessed Raven has had many instances of mentioning the show before, playing with her Pretty Pretty Pegasi on screen, and even turning the other Titans in to pegasi,  the pandering levels coming to Cartoon Network will reach critical levels, a possible 6.9 on the Pandurin Scale. If you go check on the official Teen Titans GO! wiki, it gives a synopsis that screams “HEY BRONIES, PLEASE WATCH US.”

Control Freak zaps the Titans into the latest episode of Pretty Pretty Pegasusand the team has to figure out a way to help the creatures in order to get home.

So the titans get zapped in to the television world of Pretty Pretty Pegasus, by this guy:

The villain Conrtol Freak, a 4th wall breaking staple of both the old and new series, is basically the neckbeard of all neckbeards of the DC unverse. His powers are the ability to control machines and a magic TV remote that lets him bend reality. He IS the average brony’s wet dream, and he gets to shoehorn some superheroes in to his favorite pony show. Truly writer Merrill Hagan knows her Fanfiction premises.

While yet another show has fallen victim to Mocking Bronies Syndrome, something that all lower tier shows have been trying more and more recently (MAD! and Bob’s Burgers for example), this one looks to be the absolute cringiest and pandering of all. While we may never know when the ride ends, we can tune in at 6 PM EST Thursday to see just how awful and sexy they make the DC pony world, or how many ponies Tara Strong gets to voice, this being the only time I will ever endorse a Teen Titans GO Episode. One thing we can be certain of, however, is that Control Freak will be browsing Horse News at some point in the episode, this being the ultimate fandom site.

What, were you expecting the ACTUAL show to appear in a Batman comic or something? Do you know where you are? This is Horse News, faggot. 

thewanderingzebra1 asked:

I'll be honest, I was actually thinking the whole Ted Anderson thing was made up by Horse News (since that's where the only source of information about it was from) was some hoax made up for the sake of "drama". However, I'm seeing that with more evidence around now that it was true, so that brings me to me asking you what exactly is Horse News, because I got the idea that they were sort of like UnNews, only mean spirited and making up crap from the time I visited the site.

askasanebrony answered:

HN are a mixture of drama news and parody/satire news.

Some of what they report is true, some of it is not. It’s easy enough to tell when they’re joking, because it’ll usually end in a punchline.

By and large, they don’t need to make much stuff up in this fandom - even when they’re joking, the core facts are about right.

As per usual of 4Chan origins, they’re crass and obnoxious, but never far off the mark, if at all.

Their source for Ted Anderson’s dismissal is a few emails from IDW. I don’t like the wording of the emails I’ve seen (maybe IDW are just very casual), and at the back of my mind, I’m not 100% convinced it’s true.

But conversely, if seen no evidence to refute it, and so far as I can tell, Ted himself has gone awfully quiet.

We’re whatever we need to be. More importantly, we’re whatever we want to be.

After months of slacking off and drinking hard work and data collecting, Horse-News is pleased to present, for the first time, a quantifiable scale of shitstorm intensity for the My Little Pony fandom. We have dubbed it “The Twilicorn Scale”.

Quantifying rage is difficult.
Until 2013, the fandom was largely ignorant to just how intense pony-related shitstorms could get. With the Advent of Equestria Girls, Las Pegasus Unicon, and Twilight becoming an Alicorn, it became clear that a quantifiable scale of drama intensity is needed.

After 9 months of research, HN has developed the “Twilicorn Unit”.

The Twilicorn Unit is similar to Hurricane Categories, whereas the higher the number, the greater the intensity of the Shitstorm. The numbers are determined as being the numerator of a fraction of a Twilicorn shitstorm.

Weekly minor drama, such as “Pinkie Pie not acting right” in an episode, or drama that is experienced only on one major site (like /mlp/ disliking something) gets a Twilicorn Unit (referred to from here on out as a TU) of 1, making it 1/4th the intensity of a Twilicorn Shitstorm. a 1 TU rating is isolated and does not have lasting effects.

Notably larger drama, such as convention drama, which affects more people (but not up to staff level), and is still relatively isolated to a few sites carries a rating of 2 TU. This would include cons failing or food-related incidents at gatherings that result in further drama. The Scruffening / Faust Visit for instance, only carries a 2TU rating, for while it was deeply affected /mlp/, it’s effect was limited to only 2-3 sites.

a 3 TU rating is reserved for drama that approaches maximum levels, spread across numerous sites, that affects the majority of the fandom or has a pronounced impact on the show itself. At 75% of a Twilicorn Shitstorm, 3TUs is the equivalent of a Derpygate, the first Equestria Girls Announcement, or staff associated with the show butting heads with fans in a considerable way.

Twilicorn itself is set at a 4, making it the most intense shitstorm on record - 100% full-blown fandom-wide devastation. The drama spread across all sites, was experienced by a majority of the fandom, and has lasting effects,effects the show in a profound way, and also has the potential to create other intense shitstorms. Only shitstorms of this intensity can carry a 4 TU rating.

A Twilicorn Rating of above a 4 IS possible, but is unlikely except for one instance.
A TU of 5 or above would be reserved for fandom-ending circumstances, such as show cancellation, mass-site deletions, or deaths.

We have compiled a small listing of Drama by TU’s

Derpigate: 3
Ted Anderson Fired: 3
Equestria Girls 1: 3
LPU: 2
Bronycon ‘13 Incident: 2
Down With Molestia: 2
Scruffening: 2
Faust Visit: 2
Draft loses badge: 2
Gianna DeCarlo: 2
Blackmail Brony Network: 2
Sydneigh ‘14: 2
HN Mayo: 2
Equestria Girls 2: 1

From here on out, Drama reports will carry a Twilicorn Unit forecast based on these standards.

Rank your own drama below

Last week, we reported on the outrage that fans had regarding the inclusion of two OC’s in the latest IDW MLP comic. The OCs belonged to two artists who were known to have anti-fandom messages and artwork, and a history of aggression towards men and male fans of MLP.

Today we have an update: According to response emails from those who sent messages of concern, Ted Anderson will no longer be working with IDW comics.

This message was apparently sent to a handful of people who had sent messages to IDW.

While these have not yet been proven 100% legitimate, it appears to us at this time that they are. The notable amount of backlash from fans, angered that official media would contain any endorsement of anti-fandom messages, seems to be the root cause of Anderson’s dismissal, coupled with his numerous responses on messageboards following the incident.

We will provide any updates as they become available.

I can relate.
For a guy who’s been on the ride since November of 2010, I’ve been doing an awfully shit job at keeping up with the latest horse releases. Maybe this is my calling card, maybe this is the part where I get off the ride. I’ll be basing my review of this movie solely off of screencaps and gossip while trying to be funny for your amusement; I’m sorry in advance.

A fart fetishist’s paradise.

Supposedly, the story revolves around a group of deplorable cunts who feed off hate and cause drama wherever they go. Oh, and it also has something to do with a cliche redemption of the previous movie’s deplorable cunt.

Pictured Above: The deplorable cunts.

Once upon a time, these three caused shit to go down in Equestria. Starswirl said fuck that noise and banished them to Earth or whatever place with grossly pigmented skin for the purpose of political correctness is meant to represent.

The original neckbeard.

Everyone still hates Sunset Shimmer for the shit she pulled in the first movie (which I also haven’t watched) but everyone knows the magic of friendship will prevail in the end, right?

The entirety of Horse News can be expressed in this picture.

Probably, fuck if I know. All I know is that this movie was supposedly very good at catering to their target demographic: 12 year old girls and their parents’ wallets. 

Shoo be doo.

I’d take a gander that the script and overall writing of this movie isn’t deserving of any awards, which is to be expected. I hear the songs range from meh to okay so I’ll give it that. Nonetheless, we’ll have to put up with predictable plotlines and waifu thieves.


All in all, I say the movie sounds like shit. I wouldn’t bother spending my money on theatre tickets and overpriced condiments to see it. Matter of fact, I probably won’t get around to watching it anyw-


I retract my previous statements. I’m gonna go watch the shit out of this movie. 11/10 it’s okay.
With Rainbow Rocks in full-swing across theaters and scores of horsefuckers making pilgrimage in the wee hours of the morning (who gets up before 10am anyway?) Horse News is partnering with Equestria Daily to make sure that any/all lovely bronies have a nice time at the theater while not teaching premature furries what /x/ is before they can handle being stalked by Skinwalkers (the secret is injecting them with ecstasy).

You can find EQD’s bit here; the following is HN’s own take on proper Brownie theater etiquitte:

1. Be sure to bring enough marinara sauce for when the eventual hot mom comes into the showroom. The starving homeless guy behind the theater will thank your red, warm, meaty donation. 
2. Limit throwing toddlers at the screen during the Flash Sentry scenes to 1 (one) per scene. Everyone needs their shot at showing that smug fuck what’s what. 
3. Canadians are known for their sharp hearing. Be sure to clap as loud as possible during any/all scenes you find even remotely amusing to thank our Canadian overlords for blessing us with this movie.
4. There is a Derpy scene. You will want to do many things while watching this scene. Follow your heart when watching; if you feel the need to start flicking your triple-chin sweat into the buttered popcorn of the brony next to you, feel free to. If you feel a sudden rage at this derp-eyed horse and wish to see more of your favorite Moonbutt, feel free to yell “NEW LUNAH REPUBLECH” as loud as possible. You are who you choose to be during this moment of cinematic inspiration, genius, and imagination. 
5. Since the children in the aisles are un-educated plebians in regards to most of the pony fandom’s inner memes and cultures, feel free to discuss your favorite ships and theories including, but not limited to, Transformers and Doctor Who. Making mention of certain mature-themed comics loudly during the Sunset Shimmer scenes can and will be a regular aspect of Rainbow Rocks theater showings.
Have fun watching Rainbow Rocks in theaters with all your fun brony friends! Pony up /)! 

My turn.

I was lucky enough to get to see Equestria Girls 2: Electric Scootaloo this week and I have more than a few things to say about it. Prepare your anuses, I’m going in.

My expression going into the theater.

In a general sense, to be certain, the movie was all-around surprisingly good. It had some really good character development, the great art we’re so accustomed to, and some scenes that made your entire body physically curl into itself from cringe.

Specifically, this scene.

I’m not going to waste your time recapping the movie again; the other folks at HN here have done a great job of that so far. I’m going to address some specific issues here.

The Useless Demigod Sisters

This movie saw the return of a lot of the same characters from Equestria Girls 1, including background students, the CMC’s, and of course >no hooves Mane 6. In addition, we also saw the return of everyone’s favorite fictional school employees.
Besides Feeny, of course.

Principal Celestia and Vice-Principal Luna are the most useless characters of the movie. These folks, who are all-powerful in Equestria, get taken over by not-yet-superpowered sirens who convince them to turn a non-competitive musical soiree into a battle of the bands. Of course, had the sirens had any sense, they’d have realized that everything is a competition to high-schoolers, whether you call it a battle or not.

Flash Sentry disses Twilight: A hundred husbandos rejoice

"I’m leaving you because >no hooves.” - Flash Sentry

Halfway through the movie, Brad McCorndog decides he doesn’t want to shove his polish sausage into Twilight’s toasted buns anymore. In this scene, which brings twilight to tears, made me laugh so hard that I nearly choked on my popcorn. Thanks for almost killing me, Meghan McCarthy!

This scene

Made you look.
 In seriousness. How could you not adore that Sunset Shimmer smile?

Sunset Shimmer as a Character

Throughout the entire movie, Sunset Shimmer is—like Meghan McCarthy—trying to live down the last movie. Everyone hates her for her past, won’t give her a second chance, and she is resigned to rolling her eyes every time someone mentions what a terrible villain she was in EqG 1. I mean, seriously. She was just a downright awful badguy.
The old me was really bad at formulating plans, wasn’t she?

That said, Sunset really redeemed herself in this one. She took on a support role that actually fit in with the rest of the crew’s dynamic and didn’t feel forced into the group. There was potential for her to be a shitty add-on, like the 5th Ninja Turtle, or Scrappy-Doo, or the green Power Ranger.
Yeah, I said it. FUCK YOU, TOMMY


I have to say it, and it hurts me, as a die-hard Dashie fan. Dash was a cunt this movie. Of course, I’m hand-waving that by saying that HUMAN Dash is different from PONY Dash. Yeah, that’s it. They’re just different characters. It frustrates me so much it makes me want to punch a pony right in the face.

Oops, sorry, Dashie.
Seriously, though. Dash was just an absolute terror. She almost caused the badguys to win. I get that Rainbow Dash is competitive, and that she is sometimes callous, but she is also loyal to her friends and I think the “Dash forgets about other people’s feelings” button is getting pressed too much these days. Just my 2 bits.


There were a lot of good points to this movie, and I really do recommend that you go see it. A lot of the problems from the first movie were not prevalent here, and even the number of references to pop culture was lower. EqG2 might just help me survive the hiatus.

It’s obvious to anyone that hasn’t been living under a rock for the past 50 years that sex appeal has become a very important aspect of today’s media, especially in advertising.  It’s nearly impossible to find any television programming that doesn’t have at the very least a well-hidden aspect of sex appeal, and not even the shows that our children watch are exempt from this.

This takes on a whole new meaning when you remember she’s naked…
Finally, to our collective boners’ pleasure, some brave citizens of the United States of America have decided to petition to change our National Animal from the bald eagle to something much more sexy:
The horse.

A petition from the American Horse Protection Alliance is attempting to replace the bald eagle, the traditional symbol of American patriotism which the Alliance claims has done “nothing to earn the honor,” with the horse, a brave, strong, hardworking, drop-dead-sexy animal.
Wait a second, one of these descriptions is much more representative of the American people…
Below is the text from the page (because why would I write when someone else has already written for me?), which can be found here:

"America was built on the backs of horses. They pulled our wagons across the continent as we settled America, plowed our fields, carried us into battle from the Revolutionary War to WWI, transported our mail, helped us control our livestock and were valuable companions. Our troops even rode horses in Afghanistan in 2002. Horses are deeply woven into the way we think about ourselves and our world. Horses are more than just part of our history. They have become part of who we are.
The Eagle did nothing to earn the honor of being our National Bird, but the horse - throughout history - served and died for American Citizens in combat and in other areas of service and deserves such an honor.

Today, the wild herds of the west are being decimated to make room for cattle to graze. Thousands of horses are rounded up and placed in holding pens where they suffer neglect at the hands of the Federal Government. Some never leave these holding pens. Instead of being “adopted” out to caring individuals, many are sold to kill buyers who then ship the perfectly healthy horses to slaughter houses in Canada and Mexico. A movement is afoot to reopen the slaughter houses in the United States - even though they were shut down by the USDA due to the inhumane abuse suffered by the horses in slaughter. There is no such thing as “humane slaughter” when it comes to horses. And they should not be subjected to this fate.
Pony is not for slaughter
In addition to the decimation of the wild herds, overbreeding of horses in the United States continues, with domestic horses sold to slaughter houses across the border. 
I think we all know why they are being overbred…
And we should all be very disappointed in ourselves (but we aren’t).
Horses have gone from being regarded as valuable, honorable, majestic, intelligent and special, to being considered as a lowly food source by people who see the horse ONLY as a source of income. What is next? The argument for horse slaughter is that it is acceptable as food in other countries. Eating dogs and cats is acceptable in other countries as well. Where do we draw the line?

There is an Act pending in Congress - the SAFE Act - that will stop the opening of slaughter plants in the U.S. and stop the transportation of horses across the border for slaughter. But if it does not pass, thousands of horses will meet this grisly death every year. Last year, over 170,000 horses from America were shipped across the border for slaughter. Every year, wild horses are rounded up from what used to be protected federal lands and sold to slaughter. Their only hope is the rescue groups that buy the horses to save them from the kill buyers. And they simply cannot afford to continue buying every horse that the government deems worthless.

The way to stop this madness is to DECLARE the HORSE as the NATIONAL ANIMAL of the UNITED STATES and award PROTECTION to the horse as a valued NATIONAL TREASURE.”
B-but we already have a National Treasure… <333333
The petition is currently 566 signatures away from consideration, so go sign it to make our country a better place.